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We WILL Remain OPEN During This Virus Catastrophe (same hours as posted below) And Maintain High Caution Regarding Social Distancing... Please Be Advised, Thank You
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Repurposing Old Furniture Since 1986 In The Detroit Mich Metro Area
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Our mission is simple... find and sell you the desired used furniture that you want... and make sure it is in the best possible condition and charge you the lowest most reasonable price ...based on our local economy!

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Please Come To The House To Check Out An Item... (Shipping is NOT Available... All Metro Detroit & Southeast Michigan)... House Is At: 21410 Sherwood Ave Warren Michigan 48091 (corner of Sherwood and Prospect)... Please come to the side door on Prospect...
Please Come Between 10-1pm or 3-5pm... Mon-Sun (Any Day Including Holidays)...
You Can Also Purchase Online For a Discount in Advance if you agree to our Terms Of Service:


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21410 Sherwood, Warren, Mich.48091, Between Mound & VanDyke, North of 8-Mile, 10-1pm and 3-5pm, 7days, incl holidays

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